Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Create Web Elements on the Fly


Today we must be fast in our work in designing, slicing, developing. Gladly, some bright persons created a builders for us. Here is a list of useful builders that you will need on your way working in sites.

Form Builder

UI Parade developed a tool to create form elements on the fly. This includes to customize the color, borders, border radius, highlights, shadows. For the button, you can change the button settings such as it's hover and pressed. You can change it's properties as well.
form builder


Button Builder

Creating button very fast? Here is my suggestion, use this.
button builder


Ribbon Builder

Can you imagine that? Ribbon builder, very impressive. try it. I recommend you to use it. No more tiring days of designing from Photoshop to coding in XHTML and CSS.
ribbon builder


Some other useful Generators

CSS3 Generator
Gradient Generator
If you know some useful Generators or builders, please do share and I will add that up in this post. Happy Coding!


Jessica Gomez said...

Nice update on the form. Thanks for the share.

seo miami

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